Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grand Master Debater -- How Ron Paul is Manipulating the MSM

Ron Paul has gotten some attention from the MSM lately.. I covered the Stephanopoulos set-up already, and there has since been a FOX News smear attempt by a chap named Cavuto.. It is completely reasonable to assume the biased interviews will continue, but at what point will the MSM realize they are biting off more than they can chew?

The MSM brought out one of their big guns with Stephanopolous.. Stephanopolous -- Genius, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford Graduate, Lawyer, Celebrity, Handsome Man.. He is a complete package, let me affirm.. Yet, the simple Dr. easily riposted Steph's every deft attempt to corner him.. This was an epic showdown, it was David vs. Goliath, and Goliath got spanked yet again..

The Cavuto interview was another smear attempt, one in which FOX propagandists tried to associate Dr. Paul with violent extremism.. Dr. Paul again guides the interview in his own favor, forcing a very perturbed Cavuto to try and try to steer the direction of the interview, only to be foiled again and again by the Master..

Questioning a tough interview would be pointless if the MSM treated all Presidential candidates the same, but they don't.. There is an obvious and underlying bias against anyone opposed to the status quo..

Arguably, Ron Paul's greatest asset is his skill at debating.. He masterfully guides the topic to his own ends, defining and arguing his positions on his terms, not the terms of his adversary.. He always has a retort, and even when caught off guard (as in the Stephanopolous hit piece) he adjusts quickly, artfully resetting the topic to his own advantage..

The MSM hit pieces are backfiring.. Will they take notice? Let's hope not!


KineticReaction said...

Great article. Please keep it up.

Bill Kosloskey said...

Georgie Porgie hates Ron Paul...Sean Hannity hates Ron Paul...Saul Anuzis hates Ron Paul...Rick Beltram hates Ron Paul...Ed Failor hates Ron Paul...Do you hate Ron Paul? - "...they hate us for our FREEDOMS!"