Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ronald Reagan Knew How To Cut and Run

It was in 1982, under President Ronald Reagan, that a "coalition of the willing" (the MNF - Multinational Force) was sent to Lebanon to quell violence and stabilize the country. About a year later came the infamous Beirut barracks bombing, which killed 241 Americans and 58 French.

The MNF had initially adopted a defensive posture, but the barracks bombing soon changed that. What resulted was a back and forth series of retaliatory strikes, and the MNF soon found itself caught in the middle of a civil war. When the Lebanese government eventually collapsed, chaos engulfed the region and Reagan got the hell out of Dodge (source), in the middle of a civil war he helped create.

Reagan understood the insanity of maintaining an aggressive military force against the "irrationality of Middle Eastern politics." Instead of "staying the course," he decided to "cut and run," and it was the best decision he made during his command of the MNF. Israel didn't get smothered, the Middle East didn't coalesce into the dreaded Ottoman Empire, and America wasn't pummeled with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Maybe the Republicans could learn a thing or two from the man they love (at least in claim) to emulate and respect. It's doubtful though, because that requires a perusal of history, something the Republicans think is unpatriotic and a threat to national security.


shoobadoo said...

Not only was Ron Reagan an great cut and runner, he was also an awesome appeaser. Selling arms to Iran while they were one of our biggest enemies was the greatest wasn't it?

Reagan was also a marvelous statist. He started the war on drugs, which has been a smashing success.

Wasn't it great how he grew government and ran the biggest deficits in history (at the time) after his campaign saying how he would do the complete opposite?

Ronny Reagan. America's greatest president.

cajuncocoa said...

Great story about the Greatest President of my lifetime (so far!)

midniteson said...

drugs, which has been a smashing success. ??????????????????????

The Freedom Fellowship said...

Ronald Regan, the man, balanced a lot of forces - for good and bad - during his two terms. They got to him very early IMHO - the attempt on his life wasn't a lone nut job and soon after his boldest moves to reduce the size/scope of the federal government he/we got Iran contra'd after which his memory wasn't the same. But throughout the voice of freedom and liberty was there. We The People heard it, just like we are hearing it with another "Ron" today. Thanks for sharing. I stumbled upon your site through a technorati search for RP. Nice summary of the Georgie Boy's interview with RP! I will be posting it soon!