Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ron Paul PWNS George Stephanopoulos

Watch Interview Here

It's quite obvious to me this was an attempted hit/smear of Ron Paul, though it was indirect.. Check George's demeanor at the beginning of the interview.. He is smugly confident, arrogant in his belief that he will be able to trick RP into looking like a cad..

As RP eloquently (he is one damn good debater) ripostes George's tough questions (valid questions), you can literally see the agitation on George's face build up.. George, he's a genius (by IQ) BTW, did a fine job of trying to set up RP for embarrassment, especially at the end when he so disrespectfully snubs RP by claiming that RP winning "isn't gonna happen." You can see the shock in RP's face, I don't think he was expecting such a low blow..

The same trick was used on Ross Perot by Al Gore leading up to the 1992 elections.. THAT RP lost his cool and showed a childish, angry personality.. It worked to remove some of his support.. THIS RP brushed it off valiantly.. Good job RP!

Time stamps of relevance in the video:

around 2:30 RP is answering the question of rapid withdrawal from Iraq with such grace and savvy that George can't help but look annoyed.. He's almost grimacing, where's that cocky smile we saw in the beginning of the interview?

around 2:58 we can see George in deep contemplation over his adversaries deft counters.. George is probably thinking, "This SOB isn't going where I am leading him, how do I crack this guy?"

5:26 we see more "deer in headlights" looks from George.. He's not in this interview at all.. Who knows, maybe he just doesn't like RP..

6:05ish we see an extremely handsome and sexy 1987 version of the good Dr. He was, and still is, very good looking.. Oh yeah, there was an interview going on..

6:25 why is George clinching his jaw?

7:39 is the beginning of the infamous "not gonna happen" statement.. George's ego is shining brilliantly at this moment, in full glory of his own magnificence..

7:41 RP is caught off guard

7:42 RP nervously adjusts by asking George to clarify the strength of his assertion

7:47 George sarcastically asserts his omniscience

7:49 RP accepts George's opinion and summarizes with a politically correct version of "Opinions are like @$$holes."

7:57 RP changes the tone to one of confidence and hope

8:02 we get George's final glaze-eye'd stare. Where's the smugness, where's the grin?

In conclusion, I think George's behavior speaks for itself.. He was one way when asking the questions and quite another way when RP was answering them.. I think this has more to do with how RP handled things than anything else.. RP took George's questions and answered them in a way that made it quite clear that RP knows his stuff and is a serious voice of reason.. I think the intentions of the interview backfired.. And for these reasons, my final conclusion is thus: Ron Paul PWND George Stephanopoulos; hard.


CiaW said...

Good article, thanks!

(As I am a lonely blogger who's blog is comment-less, I wanted to show some support...)

Phillip D said...

Great blog -- I found it off of students for Ron Paul. Even better post. You aptly put into words what I saw and felt in this setup interview. It's no problem though because it will backfire and give Ron Paul even more support. Any decent person will side with the person who gets slapped in the face rather than the persecutor. Every time this gets YouTubed the viewer will want to side with Mr. Paul.